It May Be Our Right But That Doesn’t Make It Right


I am sickened by what I’m seeing on social media and I assume on the television (I don’t watch local news for this very reason).

What happened to us? When did it become okay to not manage our anger? We expect our children to be kind in public and yet we can act like this?

We create anger management program and fail to realize we need to get in the class.

We look at congress and scratch our heads, point fingers and wonder why they can’t get anything done? We are fed up with the way the country is being led or not being led and don’t know what to do about it.

Perhaps we need to look in the mirror. I’m not talking about one of those glances to see if you have a bugger in your nose. I’m talking about standing in front of the mirror and looking seriously for a few minutes at the reflection staring back.

We scream about our rights and yet we can’t even see how to treat people right!

We question others motives but never bother to look at our protest signs or our social media posts long enough to ask ourselves is that right or just anger disguised in felt pen or computer ink?

How did we get here? Oh, that is a rhetorical question I don’t want to hear your answer. Why? Because chances are real good that you will blame those you disagree with not the person staring back at you from your rearview mirror.

When did our skin become so thin the only thing we see is how something impacts us?

When did serving self become more important than serving others or at least giving them the time of day and a little respect?

We talk of respect and in the same sentence disrespect someone we don’t even know but who holds office over us and disagrees with our beliefs?

We can’t have it both ways. We can’t keep going like this. We need to do more than complain and that means actually start working together as we look for solutions not someone to validate my opinion or my rights.

But we won’t. We talk of work ethic and a country built on those willing to work hard for what they have and yet we are lazy and refuse to do what it takes (Damn Hard Work) to try and get along.

Selfishness will be the death of us. Oh, we won’t see it that way. We will be too busy shaking our finger at the other side to see that the real blame belongs to the person on the other end of that shaking finger.



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