Freshen Up Those Job Hunting Skills


Job Connections Workshops

Job Connections Workshops

For me, the toughest part of changing jobs or a career is getting ready for the actual search.
You know, you need a fresh, vibrant resume, we all need a little reminder on how to do a job interview, and even though many of us work on a computer all day we’re not sure our skills are up to par for the current job market.
Goodwill’s Job Connections program can help you with FREE classes. I know, who does this sort of stuff for free anymore? Goodwill does.
If you’re interested, open your calendar and write these dates down.
On the 12th there is a resume-building lab that runs from 9 to 11a.
On the 14th they offer a class on Interview Techniques from 10-12p.
And on the 15th from 10a to 11:30a there’s a basic computer skills class.
We met an amazing young woman who went through the Job Connections program at Goodwill and ended up with two part-time jobs.
Here’s the number to call if you are interested or have questions 541-431-3309.
And remember your donations help make these free classes possible. Also, every time you shop at Goodwill, the proceeds help fund the program.
I personally like the idea that I can do something good for people simply by donating things from my closet and shopping at Goodwill.



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