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January 8th 2017 RDTV EWEB, Adrenal Insufficiency, Andrew Wheating

Rick Dancer Television is all about the unexpected. We walk the streets of Eugene, Oregon talk with some amazing people and through our stories, share information, life, fun and adventure. You won't find any more local, local program than this. Spread it around to your friends.

December 2016 Strangest Reindeer, EWEB Future Plans, Jaya’s Story.

In our Christmas edition of The Strangest Reindeer of all we add a touching story of a young man who, despite the odds, found a way to play basketball with his teammates. And, we'll show you how the Eugene Water and Electric Board is planning for the future.

2 December 2016 Strangest Reindeer Airs 13th

When you discover you have a disease that is incurable and not well known you can freak out or you can fight. The woman you will meet in our Holiday Special tonight is a fighter and will show you what Christmas is really all about. She is joined by a host of others and their stories that will get you out of the commercialization mood and into the true holiday spirit.

December 2016 Strangest Reindeer

Does Christmas look anything like the man it is supposedly named after? If not then what should Christmas look like? We found it in the stories of people who will inspire you and cause you to think twice about the way you celebrate your holiday.

November part 2 2016 Willamalane, Ghost Towns in Oregon and much more.

We had so many ghost town stories we had to split them up to fit them in. On this episode you will see part three. Also, Cottage Grove wants to restore its old armory. We'll take you inside for the story and Willamalane is showing off it's Splash pool. Plus much more.

November 2016 RDTV #1 Ghost Towns, Splash Wave Pool and More

It's hard to believe Splash has been around for as long as it has. We take you inside and behind the scenes to show you the machine that makes all those waves. We'll also take you back in time to some Oregon Ghost Towns we visited many years ago and we'll let you know about some amazing things from barbers to special people in our community.

Rick Dancer TV presents: Alaska, A Eugene Historian and lots more.

This is a great show. Plenty of cool local businesses to visit and we take you on a trip to Alaska. We'll introduce you to a relative of Eugene's founder and leave you with a cool video of a place few will ever visit.

October RDTV 2016: Behind the Scenes of a Rural Fire Dept.

On this week's episode of Rick Dancer TV, we take a look at Mckenzie Fire and Rescue, hike to the top of Carpenter Mountain for a chat with Fire Lookout Rob Mutch and talk with Janet Cooper about the Make Your Ripples Count movement.

October RDTV 2016 Behind the Scenes of a Volunteer Fire Department

In many rural communities volunteer fire departments take care of everything from local events to emergencies and even fires. But attracting new folks is getting harder to do.

Plus, the guy on Carpenter Mountain Fire Lookout and much more.

September 2016 RDTV Carpenter Mountain Lookout, Back To Basic Businesses

This month we take you to a remote fire lookout in the Oregon Cascades and introduce you to several businesses creating products the old fashioned way. From home cooked food to a hatter to a guy who makes bikes in his shop.