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Rick Dancer TV Presents ESFT July 2016

On this episode of Elders, Sages & Fellow Travelers you will discover all the ways folks in their later years are staying connected. This show will encourage you to live well and live with purpose and we have some resources to help you do so.

2 KEVU ESFT June 2016 Eugene Skinners Family, Waterford Grand, Brownsville Cemetery

The family of the pioneer who founded Eugene is back in town. Ken Darling is looking for the same thing his great, great, grandfather was looking for, we'll introduce you and we take you to the Waterford Grand, Eugene's largest home and the Brownsville Cemetery.

June RDTV 2016 Welcome to Oregon’s Wallowa Mountain Country

Most Oregonians have never seen the far eastern Wallowa County. Often called the Swiss Alps of Oregon, this is an amazing place with some of the most wonderful people. Take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy the highlights of a trip we took there a few years ago.

2 Elders, Sages and Fellow Travelers May 2016 River Road Park

River Road Park and Recreation District shows off it's amazing programs from trips to painting to exercise and the pool. Frank Moore a fisherman in Oregon talks about life at the end of a pole.

RDTV May 2016 Best of Cottage Grove: Saving Energy In The Schools

On this edition of Rick Dancer TV we show you the best of Cottage Grove. From best coffee to best place to buy yarn it's all here. Plus, we show you how the school district is saving money and energy thanks to an energy audit by Ameresco company. This is cutting edge and you will love it.

The Best of Cottage Grove RDTV May 2016

Cottage Grove is a little town that still looks as it did 100 years ago. We recently took our cameras and storytellers to the town to show you some of the great places that make it such a wonderful stop on any vacation. The Best Breakfast, Coffee, Hangout, Yarn Shop, Authentic Clothing and a program that truly works to help those with mental illness.

RDTV Presents The Best of Cottage Grove, Oregon

  Join us as we introduce you to the Best of Cottage Grove. From the best place to meet locals, to the best breakfast and cup of coffee we show you the town. We also introduce you to a program that is doing amazing things to help folks who are struggling with mental illness or…
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KEVU April Part 2 1968 Oregon Primary RDTV

This is part two of a 1988 KEZI News Special on the 1968 Primary Election in Oregon. You will see Bobby Kennedy, Richard Nixon and many more as they visit Oregon back in 68.