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RickDancerTV December 2012

This month we're talking about why Lane County is targeting tobacco use among mothers and young kids, we'll take you tree shopping at a place that will give some of what you pay to the school of your choice, Ranchito Grill is back in the show because so many of you watched it, talked about…
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RDTV November 2012: Plaza Latina

This month we take you to the most unusual super market in Eugene, Plaza Latina. We'll show you why volunteer fire departments are working hard to find more volunteers, we have an interview with a local film producer who just released a documentary on Autism, Sheppard Motors will help you "Do it yourself" with car…
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October 2012: The Orchard and more

Food production is a huge deal in Western Oregon. Agriculture is what first brought settlers to this region. For years economic development has focused on new industry and while that is still happening many are finding the old is providing something new. Yes, food production in the Willamette Valley is on the increase. This month…
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RDTV Is Back September 2012

Rick Dancer Television is our new vision of what television can be. Each month we produce a new 30 minute (Alaska Special / Cottage Grove ) show to keep you connected and entertained at the same time. This month our focus is on recycling. We start with the Lane Blood Center where I give blood…
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Episode #6 – June 2012

Cottage Grove is a great little town just south of Eugene, Oregon. It's a place people choose to move to and businesses are discovering its value. This month on Rick Dancer TV we show you the latest news about development as well as some great places to eat and things to do. Enjoy.
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