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RDTV August 2018 KEVU

This month we visit Montana, Castle Rock Running trail, the McKenzie River Chain Saw Festival, and much more.

RDTV July 2018 Show

Wallowa County, Rage Room in Oregon, Surprise party for man with different ability and much more.

RDTV June 2018 Hiking Montana, Wild Alaska, Rashneeshpuram, Ghost Towns and more

When my editor looks at me and says "Man, that's a great show" we know we've done our job. We are about great storytelling, information, entertainment and giving voice to people, places and things you might not hear about. Please share this with folks you know.

RDTV May 2018 Oregon Ghost Towns, Reach The Beach, Lung Disease

Rick Dancer Television is pretty simple. We strive to tell the stories of people in way that gives hope and understanding. We are not trying to change the world, we think good storytelling changes people and they in turn change the world.

RDTV April 2018 Show KEVU Version

If you are one of those people who loves history, loves the Oregon Coast and loves old lighthouses this is your perfect storm. We take you to a couple of lighthouses, one a B&B and introduce you to an interesting character in Eugene. Plus more.

KEVU RDTV March 2018 Yachts, Astoria, St Vincent dePaul Housing Project

Great show this month as we take you along the Oregon Coast to introduce you to a couple of really cool places to stay and we'll give you a look at St Vincent dePaul's new housing project for homeless teenager girls. Plus much more even waxing hair out of my nose. Yep, where else you gonna see all this?

RDTV FEb 2018 Part One Truffle Hunting Dogs, Hike to Mt Fuji and The Burrito Brigade

Wow, what a great show we have for you this month. Stories about real people, kindness, tension and a way you can get involved in the community or with a new hike. RDTV has time for the little stories because we actually think they are the big story.

January 2018 Show

This month we show you what a makeover can and cannot do for local homeless kids. We introduce you to a former foster kid who is now showing the same love and attention to horses, that and much more.

RDTV December 2017 The Best of Rick Dancer

Each year we get to tell the amazing stories of people in Oregon. A few years ago we put together one of my favorite shows asking some tough question about Christmas. This year we just combined the two.

RDTV November Montana Adventure

Montana is a beautiful state. We recently took a trip to Livingston where my son works and brought the camera along. Boy, are we glad you did and after you see this story you too will be happy.