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Looking Back at the Good Stuff: Anne Frank & Oregon’s Outback

Ten years ago, photographer Kurt Richter, News Director Alan Beck, my son Jesse Dancer and myself took a trip the far side of Oregon. We produced a television show called “Oregon’s Outback.” In this show you get a real feel for the people, the land and Oregonians who feel disconnected from us but very connected…
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Restoration of An Art Form

Communication is art and in our current culture, like other art forms, it can be found on the endangered species list. I’m not against texting and instagram in fact I love all forms of communication but there is nothing better than sharing the stories of our lives. Usually those stories can’t be told in 140…
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I Miss People

Yesterday Bill Goetz and I spent the whole day in the field shooting interviews and video for a production we are doing for the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce. What I discovered about myself, as if I didn’t know this before, I need more people in my life. I miss going out on stories and talking…
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Behind The Scenes: What Really Goes on Making RDTV

  I had an interesting phone call with a television manager this week. He told me he “ran into” Rick Dancer TV on the air and couldn’t believe how well it is produced. He became so curious he went to my You Tube page and started watching previous shows. He said to me “Rick that…
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Put on the Brakes: Give yourself one.

It’s a peaceful morning. The sunshine warms my face as I sit in just a pair of shorts in the back yard thinking about my life, my choices and my God. Summer is early in Oregon this year. The neighbors (farmers) are already putting away hay for the season in hopes the early spring will…
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Rick Dancer TV March 2013

This month on Rick Dancer TV a contest where you can win a $50 dollar gift certificate to Sabai cafe or a $40 dollar dinner to Ranchito Grill. All you have to do is send us a picture of your "Rick Dancer Look Alike" and you are entered to win. On the show this month…
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