Behind The Scenes: Strangest Reindeer of All


Christmas is a great time of year. But like me, are you tired of how phony it’s become? Christmas used to seem much simpler. What happened to this holiday known for giving? Has it become all about buying and in this transformation its people who get lost in Christmas?
Last year we took our camera’s out in the snow (yes remember we had a white December last year?) and talked so folks on the street, people in treatment, a man who works with the homeless and yes even a Jewish Rabbi about the holiday’s and traditions.

I love this show. It’s raw, it’s fresh and for a former commercial television producer this show does everything I always wanted to do but management wouldn’t let me. (They don’t work here anymore.)
So sit back, grab a hot buttered rum or cup of coffee and let’s go look at Christmas.
Here's the show.



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