Behind The Scenes: Oregon’s Swiss Alps


Do you ever feel like every place you go on vacation is already discovered and in some cases ruined by other tourists? Me too.

My mother’s family pioneered Baker County. We used to go back every five years for the Maxwell Family Reunion. One year we took the kids and went over the mountains to Wallowa County.

This is by far one of the pretties, most remote and under-discovered corners of Oregon.

In 2005 Kathy and I twisted KEZI’s Rabbit Ears and got them to send us on a seven-day trip to the Wallowa’s with video camera and curiosity in tow.

We brought back a report that only aired once and is filled with so much good stuff I’m so glad we worked out an agreement with the University of Oregon’s Special Collections to bring stories like this one, back for you to see.

We had very little “set-up” but instead just stopped people on the street or asked a few questions and found stories galore.

This is my dream job. If any of you know someone with a lot of money who wants to really introduce Oregonians to Oregonians have them call me, I’m ready to do this all over the state.

But for now, here is another slice of Oregon that few of you have probably tasted and what you will find is the aftertaste is very, very sweet.



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