Behind The Scenes: Ghostly October Ahead

I’m really excited about the shows coming up in October. As most of you know we are re-airing stories from our days at KEZI. Back in 2005 Ben McKee and I went on a trip in search of Ghost Towns in Oregon. What we returned with is a treasure of old stories, Oregon history and of course lots of characters and people.

I love to connect the dots when it comes to the past and the future. I really believe we can trace the steps ahead of us if we watch the ones behind us.

Ghost Towns and old buildings and stories do that for me and from what I hear on the streets do it for a lot of you folks as well.

On this weeks show we go back to 1990 and show you a ghost town show-and-tell. We aired this story a few months ago but think it’s a good warm up for October.

You will also appreciate the credits in this show. I use a section from a ghost town story that will air next month on a place called Idiot Ville, Oregon. (Not my birthplace)

Tell your friends and feel free to repost the show or any of the stories you like. We’ve made it easy to pick and choose if you go to our play list on You tube. I can connect you to the open right here but you can move to just the story you want to see. If you like something link it to your site or a friends site, please. You are my audience and that means you are part of my marketing team. (No, there isn’t any pay for thisJ)

For those who read this far click here and you can watch this weeks show (Sunday Sept. 28th 4:30 on KEVU) right now.



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