Behind the Scenes: A Very Personal Show

I sat to line out this weeks show and realized I needed a few stand ups (me on camera going blah, blah, blah) to bridge some of the stories.

Rather than bother my photographer I pulled out my trusty Iphone6 and shot most of them in the car (not driving).

It is amazing what technology can do for us and how personal it feels when it’s just you, me, and, a camera.

This week we are showing the rest of a special we did on a young girl who had cancer, lived in Corvallis, and got on the ABC TV show Extreme Home Makeover.

I got to know Boey well and it’s great to see her on camera again. She doesn’t say a lot but that’s because she was not feeling well the day we were shooting the video. When her parents left the room Boey and I made a deal. If she’d talk with me just a little and let me shoot some video for the story I would leave her alone. Her eyes lit up and she said: “Really?” That in a nutshell is Boey. A little girl who was no afraid to tell you what she thought or what she was going through.

I also remember a day when Senator Ron Wyden was at an event speaking about Boey. But the Senator kept saying her name wrong. He kept saying Buoy. I was standing with Boey on stage, Wyden was in front of us talking with an audience of about 800 people and every time the Senator said her name wrong she would squeeze my hand, make me lean down so she could whisper in my ear: “Rick, he’s saying it wrong!” People in the audience were snickering; Wyden didn’t know what was going on.

I won’t spoil anymore of the show I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my friend Boey.

I don’t remember the last time I saw Boey. It might have been at the school when she got to go back with her new hair system. She treated me like her big brother and prepared me for a battle with cancer that she would never see.

I’ve seen God do some amazing things in my life but Boey and the way she touched people ranks in the top ten. She was one tough kid and it is a thrill for me, that we have access to this KEZI video, so that her story, her words and her image lives on.



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