Behind The Scenes: 1968, What Were You Doing?


1968 was a tough year in this country and right here in Eugene, Oregon too.

A few years ago (1993) staff at KEZI went back into the archives to find pictures to help tell the story of that amazing year.

Staff spoke with local leaders, wove it together into a series called “Remember When.”

This Sunday at 4:30 on KEVU we are re-airing portions of that series to remind us or tell someone for the first time about that year in Eugene, Oregon.

It’s a great look back and I think you’ll really appreciate all the work that went into this report.

Rob McMichaels, the man who helped write the series is now teaching at the University of Oregon.

Bill Goetz, the talented photographer who stitched and mixed it together is working with me at my current business.

There were portions of the audio we had to cut out because music laws have changed and back in the good old days news stations could use current music to help tell a story. Unfortunately that’s not the case anymore and there was no way to go back and edit out just the music.

But the story still speaks for itself. We will air the last section of the series on the 25th.

For those who stuck around to this point of the blog, here’s the entire show, you don’t have to wait for Sunday.




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