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RDTV December 2017 The Best of Rick Dancer

Each year we get to tell the amazing stories of people in Oregon. A few years ago we put together one of my favorite shows asking some tough question about Christmas. This year we just combined the two.

RDTV November Montana Adventure

Montana is a beautiful state. We recently took a trip to Livingston where my son works and brought the camera along. Boy, are we glad you did and after you see this story you too will be happy.

RDTV October 2017 Dory Fishing, Montana Rafting, Oregon Backcountry, Fire Lookout Man

Dory fishing off the Oregon coast makes a comeback, we travel to Oregon's far east to show you what rancher think of the west, we'll introduce you to the Yellowstone River Montana rafting style and show you the life of a guy who loves living alone in a fire lookout.

RDTV September 2017 Eclipse, Lighthouse, Cycle 242 and more

This month we show you the eclipse, we take you to a lighthouse on the Oregon coast, we go on a cycle ride over highway 242 without the cars and much much more.

RDTV August 2017 Show Reach the Beach, Eastern Oregon, Cowboys, Small Towns

This month its a 100 mile bike ride called Reach The Beach, we take you to Eastern Oregon to meet a real cowboy and take you to some cool small rural towns. We will also show you the Sicilian Barber and introduce you to other businesses you may never have heard of.

RDTV July 2017 Show Castle Rock Run, Steamboat Inn Bike Ride

This month we take you on a beautiful run to the top of Castle Rock along the McKenzie River, we introduce you to the owner of Mazama Sporting goods and talk about next steps in life over a fishing pole and the bike ride from hell to the SteamBoat Inn.

RDTV June 2017 Oregon’s Outback, The Power of a Flower

Rome is not one of the biggest tourist spots in the world, at least not when you are talking about Rome, Oregon. However, we think it should be. Why is this tiny section of Far Eastern Oregon called Rome, who lives there, what do they do? We'll show you.

RDTV May 2017 The Best of the Mckenzie River Valley

Summer is close and the Mckenzie River Valley is calling. Whether it's fishing, hiking, eating or hanging out, this is the place to be this summer. In this episode we introduce you to the restaurants, the hotels and the activities you are looking for to make your stay amazing.

RDTV April 2017 30th

RDTV April 2017 30th

Oregon is one of the best states when it comes to exploring the past. We have dozens and dozens of ghost towns around the state and we have explored and recorded the stories of many. On this show, three you will not soon forget.

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