About Rick

Hi, I’m Rick Dancer, yes there is an actual person named Rick Dancer. For more than 20 years I worked in the Television News Industry as a main anchor/reporter for commercial television stations in Western Oregon.

I’m a communicator, a storyteller and a guy who loves to write. I also understand marketing and how it can be used to create a message that you can manage to tell the story of what you do.

For example, people can buy a gun from anyone but why should they buy a gun from Mazama Sporting Goods in Eugene? Because they use the products they sell and want to teach you how to use them too.

I don’t want to make this sound like a brag letter but should tell you I’ve received numerous awards over the years for my story telling and received “Best Writing Awards” fifteen years consecutively.

I work with highly experienced photographer/editors who understand timing and the value of human interaction and music in each piece.

We don’t just produce your story we produce mini-documentaries that you can use on our TV show and/or on your website or in DVD form to better explain to clients why you do what you do.