about Cory

An artist at heart, Corydon S. Cailteux is a proud member of the Rick Dancer Media Services team. With a formal background in art, media production and design, he is a visual communicator with the ability to bring your ideas to life.

From logos, letterheads and simple graphics to photography and web development, he can handle it all. With more than 15 years of professional experience, and work that has garnered more than 15 national awards in the last five years, he is ready to help you develop your identity or breathe new life into your current one.

A father, gardener, painter and self-diagnosed ubernerd, Cory balances his time between pursuits of the mind and body.

He has developed websites for companies from large to small, but is also a master of modification. If your site needs a touchup, new typography or social media integration, he can help with that too.

Rick Dancer Media Services is very excited to be able to offer the services that he and InvertedDesigns can provide.